Congratulations to all bloggers and YouTubers for monetization.
 By the way, from June 2021, "tax deduction will start with Adsense"  is [Taxation].

You will be taxed on YouTube revenue.  Tax hell is coming to YouTuber.
 After that, there is a possibility that the affiliate income of the blog will also be taxed, so it seems that YouTubers and bloggers are terrified (∩´﹏`∩) ;:

But don't worry.  If you submit the tax information I will explain to Google Adsense, you will not be taxed!  The side business does not get caught in the company!  You will continue to receive revenue.

Submit tax information(Google payment)
First of all, if you look at the revenue screen on the Google Adsense page, you will see important items.  ↓

"Important: Please check if you need other tax information. All YouTube creators and partners must provide tax information for proper payment withholding."

The target audience is individuals and companies that make money on YouTube.  Blog affiliates are currently out of scope, but they may be in the future, so let's complete them now.

What if I don't submit my tax information?
Failure to provide tax information will reduce your bottom line.  One-third of the proceeds will be taxed.

 Why?   The reason is

This is because from June 2021 onwards, a tax deduction of 24% to 30% will be applied to YouTube revenue for which tax information has not been submitted.

Compare with and without tax information
・If you have not submitted tax information
(Example 1) 30% tax deduction → 3000 yen is deducted from the income of 10,000 yen generated in Japan, and your income is 7000 yen.
 (Example 2) 2000 yen income in the United States, 2000 yen in India, 6000 yen in Japan, 3000 yen is deducted from tax for a total of 10,000 yen income, and your income is 7000 yen.

・When submitting tax information
(Example 1) The income of 10,000 yen generated in Japan will be paid 10,000 yen without tax deduction.
 (Example 2) 2000 yen in the US, 2000 yen in India, 6000 yen in Japan, total 10,000 yen, 2000 yen in the US is deductible and 600 yen tax deduction is deducted, and 9,400 yen is your profit.  is.

As mentioned above, if you do not submit tax information, "tax deduction (taxation) will be applied to all income regardless of the country where income is generated".
However, if you submit tax information, "Revenues generated in the United States will be tax deductible (taxable)."

The only viewers of my YouTube channel are Japanese ... If you submit tax information, your profits will not change, right?

exactly. If you submit tax information, your income will not change as it will not be taxed on income outside the United States.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of viewers in the United States and you are making money, you will be taxed on the money generated in the United States, so your revenue will decrease.

Now that you understand, enter tax information ... before you do it!
 I would like to inform you that it is very important.
 About my number.

Never enter my number
The point to note when entering tax information is [Do not enter your My Number in the My Number entry field!  ] This is one point.

Why shouldn't I enter my number?

 You can view personal information with your My Number.  If Google leaks personal information due to a cyber attack, your hospital visit history, address, name, income, etc. are naked.  Therefore, never enter my number.

Do I get it by entering my number?
If you enter your My Number, the tax deduction for income generated in the United States will be 0% if you live in Japan.  It's a tax treaty.
 However, as explained above, if there are no viewers in the United States in the first place, there is no change in profits when the tax reaches 0%.

YouTube revenue goes to the tax office
Once you enter your My Number, your YouTube revenue will be sent to the tax office.
 If you were a side business and earned about 20,000 to 30,000 pocket money a month, don't worry.  Taxes do not apply to less than 80,000 yen per month.
 It should be noted that those who have income other than YouTube.  I am going to file a tax return.  Sorry.
 If you are an office worker and have a take-home pay, your salary + YouTube income will be subject to tax, so the tax will not be returned.  The company doesn't often get caught, but if YouTube's revenue is high, the accounting department will be suspicious at the time of year-end adjustment.

Who should enter my number?
If you have a large number of viewers and readers in the United States, enter your My Number and use tax measures.
Enter your tax information
(1) First, select "Individual"-> "No"-> "W-8BEM" and tap "Start filling out the WEB form".

(2) Taxpayer number (My Number)
 "Enter personal name in alphabet"-> "Nationality"-> "Foreign TIM"
The part surrounded by red is the foreign TIM [My Number] input part.  Can be omitted if you do not file a tax treaty claim.  Never enter it!
(3) Tax treaty
 Select "No" because you will not enter your My Number and will not file a tax treaty claim.
Tap "Next"
(4) Document preview
 Make sure it is entered correctly
After confirming, check it and tap "Next"
 (5) Activities and services conducted in the United States
 Select "No" → Check affidavit

Then select the past earnings status
 ・ I have never received payment (YouTube revenue).
 ・ I have received payment (YouTube revenue).
 It doesn't matter which one you choose.  Even if you have received it in the past, you can choose not to receive it.
This completes the tax information entry.
If there is no problem, it will be approved immediately.
(Image) You will also be notified by email.
The above is the approved form.  It is clearly stated that a 30% tax deduction will be applied to income in the United States.
At the end
Submitting and entering tax information is very easy.  It will be completed in 5 minutes, so let's do it now.
 Please be careful not to pass June 2021 when the deduction starts.

 When contacting Google with AdSense, mention Google Payment.