[Explanation] Invalid traffic-AdSense for content

I think many people see this in the revenue section of Google Adsen.
"Adsense for invalid traffic content"
 This item will be deducted from your earnings

 What is this?  I will explain

■ Adsense for invalid traffic content
If you click on the ad yourself, or if someone clicks on the ad in a row, the traffic will be invalid.
 And if you post an article such as adult or if there is an adult in the advertisement, it will be invalid content

 ・ Invalid traffic = You and others click on ads in a row
 ・ Invalid content = revenue from adult advertising

Always collected from revenue
Even those who do not post invalid traffic or invalid content [will always be deducted from revenue].  So I have no choice but to think that I'm paying taxes to Google.  This is called [Google tax] in the blogger industry.

What is the Google tax rate?
Google tax is 2% to 10%.
 I have 2-3% deducted from my monthly Adsense revenue.

・ Invalid traffic = the act of yourself or others clicking on an ad in a row
 ・ Articles and advertisements for content such as Adsense = adult
 ・ Adsense for invalid traffic content = Google tax
 ・ Google tax is 2-10% of monthly revenue

【Movie】 AdSense  Invalid traffic-AdSense for content

That's all for today.
 Thank you very much.